About KiKi

Hello, readers!  My name is Kristen, but most people call me KiKi. I'm the CEO and Creative Director behind Cats in My Closet. I currently manage an independent book publishing company but hope to one day operate Cats in My Closet on a full-time basis.  I'm interested in pursuing career opportunities in writing, fashion styling, and clothing design.

I would describe my style as cat lady chic™. This style portrays a form of dress that combines elements of grandma and kitsch but also incorporates fashion-forward pieces, all of which seamlessly blend together due to the sheer volume of cat hair present on each garment. 

Face-to-face, I'm an outspoken feminist that cracks a lot of bad puns and never knows when to stop talking.  When I'm not blogging, I can be found working on my writing, binge-watching an anime series on Netflix, or conversing with one of the many street cats that runs rampant downtown (I'm fluent in feline, you know.)

*Photo by Pale Girl Photography 

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