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Oh, what a blessing indie pop is! I would like to thank this New York foursome for tapping into their seemingly unending potential and producing some of the most incredible songs I've heard to date.  They take their music seriously without taking themselves too seriously in the process, and it's a refreshing dynamic to see a band breaking out of the typical, snobby new wave mold that's overtaking the Brooklyn music scene. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have received an abundance of praise of since their debut on Slumberland by Pitchfork, NYTimes, and Spin, as well as on various message boards and blogs (like this one!). Truthfully, I'd rank The Pains in my top five favorites, no doubt.
The Pains seem like a group of people that would be awesome to hang out with, and I love hearing stories about how great of friends bandmates are both on- and off-stage. Admittedly, I have quite the crush on all of the members, especially (stylish!) keyboardist Peggy Wang--so adorable, all the time. 
Take my word for it: CHECK OUT THIS BAND. You will be hearing and reading about them for a very, very long time; they're that good.
For awesome pictures and tour updates, follow the band on Twitter and like their FB page.
Twitter: @thepainsofbeing
Facebook: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
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