DIY Floral Hair Wreath

So for you fashionistas out there, you are well aware of the trend of flower hair wreaths made popular by Lookbook bloggers and, most recently, Lana Del Ray (ugh).  While there are a number of kinds a person can make (the most popular being avant garde & simple prairie style), I decided to make a statement art piece with my flower crown closely resembling those donned by street style mavens. Want to know how to make your own?

Time: Approx. 30 mins
Faux Flowers       Floral Wire
Hot Glue Gun    Fabric or Acrylic Paint
Paintbrush      Ribbon or Lace (optional)
Faux Birds Nest (also optional)

Take two of your large flowers and wrap them together with the floral wire as shown in Step 2. This is the part that will go along your head, so be sure to shorten or lengthen the stems as you tie them together.

You will then want to hot glue your two flowers together the front; this area will be the very front of the wreath. Be careful, as your glue gun will be super hot (mine gets up to 380 degrees!). After that, you will cut your remaining flowers off, leaving a little bit of stem to tie and glue with. Overall, I used six big flowers and a various number of small white flowers, but it is up to personal preference.

 Once you've finished gluing the bigger flowers, you can add accent flowers as necessary. I added them mostly around the tops of the purple roses because it adds a nice contrast.  You can also add some more leaves (from your other flower stems) if parts of your crown are a little bare. Since the wire seems to irritate sometimes, I decided to wrap the back in a pretty, soft white lace trim (to match the accent flowers). Once I finish wrapping, I hot glue the ends of the trim to keep it in place. For those with serious tender heads, I would also suggest buying floral tape to tape around the bottom the tiny stems of the other flowers we cut to avoid sharp edges.

To add my own personal touches, I decided to glue on a fake bird's nest and to put silver accents on the very edges of each flowers' leaves.  If you're feeling really experimental, you could paint each flower a different color.  Some other great ideas I've seen are adding glitter or multi-colored ribbons to add to the "statement piece" effect.

Et voila! You've made your own floral hair wreath, you trendy soul, you. 
(Please excuse the look on my face; my mother isn't the greatest photographer in the world.)

I will forever love hair wreaths because they are very transitional and are easy crafts for during the week.  I like to make seasonal crowns to ring in each season the right way! I only wish that it wouldn't have been raining today so I could really spotlight this beauty, but maybe next time.

Top: Thrifted + Upcycled
Shorts: Thrifted + Upcycled
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Vintage; Etsy
Belt: Thrifted
Rings: Vintage; JLSnider

In case you can't tell, upcycling thrift store clothes is a hobby of mine which I will delve more into as MDG progresses.

What kind of flowers do you like the most?

Love, KiKi

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