Outfit of the Day: Bedroom Vibes Featuring Tobi

Does anybody remember the early days of blogging, where people would set up a tripod and a camera timer (or carefully hide a remote, clever girls!) and they would do the classic "bending down to tie my shoe" or "look casually to the left" poses? I miss those some days.  

Don't get me wrong, I love how blogging has morphed into a legitimate career, because now I can do what I enjoy AND get paid to do it. A pretty sweet gig, if I do say so myself. Still, with the influx of blogging and, more aptly, influencer marketing, comes an added level of pressure. Now, it feels like there's a set formula for blogging success, like your photos have to be professional-grade quality, you have to maintain a consistent brand voice in order to set yourself apart from the (many) others, your content has to be cohesive...it can get pretty stressful and at times, completely overwhelming. Part of me wishes that everybody could've started blogging as carefree as I did in 2012, when the only priority was sharing outfits.

As a nod to times past and given that the weather in Charleston has been particularly awful, I decided to do a minimal shoot in my bedroom using some summer clothing from Tobi (tobi.com).  I'm not going to lie, I forgot how difficult self-portraits are, but I'm pleased with how these came out considering I'm a tad rusty ;)

See full outfit details and more photos after the jump!

Outfit of the Day: Tobi Skater Dress

All photos by Pale Girl Photography.

This is by far one of my favorite outfit posts I've ever done! I've had so many people message me after I posted this look on Instagram being like "girl, this is the best I've ever seen you!" I guess I should take that as a compliment, but it also makes me wonder what they think I look like normally...🤣  

I partnered once again with my bae Taylor from Pale Girl Photography and she did such an excellent job capturing the ease of this skater tie dress from Tobi (Tobi.com), one of my new go-to online retailers. Summer has hit Charleston VERY hard the last few weeks, so I've been really looking for pieces to keep me as cool as possible as the temperature creeps well into the 90s...yikes.  For this look, I decided to go beachy-meets-first date, and I absolutely love how it turned out.  I've also been trying to do more hairstyles with my wigs--would you guys be interested in seeing some wig-styling video tutorials? Let me know in the comments!

I'm in the throes of magazine madness with crowdfunding in full swing, so I'll have to keep this post short and sweet (but still beautiful, of course!) Click through for more amazing photos + outfit credits!

Outfit of the Day: Sassy Sweatshirt

All photos by Pale Girl Photography

I'm back with another shoot from Pale Girl Photography! I absolutely ADORE shooting with Taylor, she perfectly understands my blog aesthetic and really knows how to capture that film-like appearance with digital equipment. It's hard to believe we've only known each other a few months, I truly feel like we were destined to cross paths both as colleagues and as friends.

I decided to treat myself to this sassy sweatshirt a few months back (aka my bread and butter, let's be real, I love all things sass.) Because I'm a cold-hearted wench, I originally bought this garment to spite Valentine's Day, but I've also realized that it works equally well at repelling jerk offs at the bar. Apparently it also looks amazing surrounded by Spring's latest offerings. #blessed

Click to see more amazing shots and outfit details as well as a VERY special announcement!

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