Outfit of the Day: Pastel Goth Vibes

I decided to try something a little different and channel my inner Black Lady (aka the villain version of Chibiusa in Sailor Moon, which every moonie loves to cosplay at one point or another.)  I've found over the years that it's really important to step out of your comfort zone, so I figured I should apply the same advice to my styling.  The pale pink wig juxtaposes well against my new black ribbon choker and dark (I mean DARK) lips.  I've been interested in dipping my toes into pastel goth, so I foresee more black lipstick looks in my future.

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Outfit of the Day: Alexandrea Anissa Lingerie at Grand Bohemian Hotel

All photos by Stephanie Stein Photography

You guys, I had such a blast on my previous shoot with Stephanie Stein that her and I decided to collaborate again. We'd both heard incredible things about the atmosphere at Grand Bohemian Hotel, a boutique hotel that was recently named one of the best new hotels in Charleston by Travel + Leisure, so we thought we'd stop by for a few fancy cocktails and a couple of photos.  Y'all wanna talk about bougey, this place had it ALL:  a cozy rooftop bar with quirky seating, mirrored elevators with purple lights, crystal chandeliers; Stephanie even took a selfie in the bathroom mirror because the decor was that perfect.

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Outfit of the Day: 70s-Inspired Attire

At this point, it's pretty obvious that my style errs on the vintage side, likely due to the resurgence of period TV series like That 70s Show, Mad Men, and newcomer Stranger Things (still in my queue, by the way!)  I received this floral print off-shoulder dress in from ASOS, and like clockwork my mom immediately began reminiscing about how she used to wear dresses like this one when she was a teenager.  She started to get a little wistful and my eyes started to glaze over, so I calmly backed away until I was safely out of her line of sight.  (Kidding, of course; I live for old stories. Not saying my mom is old...this isn't going well.)

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